We are a human-centred performance improvement, coaching, training and consulting practice.

People spend hours every week focused on their roles and performance outcomes. Helping people find purpose, joy and value in their work will deliver more engaged cultures and higher-performing organisations.

We equip people (leaders and teams) to turn their challenges into opportunities and opportunities into Performance. Change and growth start’s in each person; it is a journey. Our approach is to align growth in people and performance expectations, engage clarity, skills and mindsets and finally to enable the sustainable success of people and organisations.

Virtual Team - South Africa

Anel is part of our virtual team and is based in South Africa.

Our Story

My name is Christina Foxwell, and in 2012, I founded this practice. Why?

I had been in hr, recruitment, consulting, training, and executive leadership and what I knew for sure was we were missing an opportunity to engage and equip people and in return, increase business performance.

To make a difference in my world, the change has to start in me. I can then be a better person, parent, partner and leader.

christina foxwell

Hear our

Human Stories

It’s time for humans to be seen heard and valued. We acknowledge that being human is about being connected, being willing to tell our stories so that we can be better together. To help people grow, learn and lead from compassion and honesty, we have started telling human stories.

Human stories are uncomfortable and yet needed. We are not perfect, we are human, and when we learn how to stand next to other, we are rewarded with belonging and purpose, happiness and achievement.

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