Best Fit




Our vision for Best Fit is to support you in recruiting people who will be the Best Fit in your team and organisation and be part of your HIVE. We recognise that people can be highly effective in an organisation that brings out the best in them. When they flourish, the team and culture are positively impacted. In our process, we want candidates to feel valued, seen and heard; we want them to recognise the mutual journey they are entering into and how they can bring their best selves in the process.

Business leaders report that bad hires cost the organisation between 15%-21% of the employee's annual salary

The impact of poor fit candidates impacts the culture of the organisation and slows down performance, increasing discomfort and fear of relevance for new hires and frustration and ineffective use of time for leaders and the team that work with the new hire.


Client Consultation

  • Identify organisational culture and values – your DNA
  • Understanding how the DNA is reflected in
    the role

The Role

  • Role clarity and measures of success
  • Clarity on the culture and leaders’

Candidate Attraction

  • Create job ad and activate candidate search strategy
  • Market and advertise the role

Candidate Evaluation

  • Review applicants and conduct initial interviews
  • Assess behaviour, motivators and capability
  • Shortlist candidates and conduct reference

Client Interviews

  • Develop tailored recruitment questions
  • Schedule final interviews
  • Coach hiring manager on candidate options & Best Fit
  • Collate Recruitment Pack


  • Negotiate candidate acceptance
  • Confirm start date
  • Coaching session with candidate on new role


  • Coach leader on how to bring out the best
    in their new hire
  • Check-in with new hire monthly for first the
    3 months

Finding your Organisation's DNA

D esign

We partners with clients to understand their organisational culture and values, working together to design the Best Fit roles.

N avigate

We help clients navigate a recruitment strategy that prioritises skills, attitude, and experience to ensure we find the Best Fit candidates.

A gile

With an agile team, we are responsive and we can adjust our approach to ensure alignment when circumstances change.


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