How to Learn to Finally Love Yourself

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A booklet of inspiration, the mindfulness tools to belong to yourself first. Download, print and reflect in your journal.

When I love myself, I value myself enough to set boundaries, say no when I need to and manage my ability to show up with others. In actual fact, when I love myself, I have inner peace and acceptance, allowing me to love others.


This is the great story for children with a relatable character – Oscar, the pufferfish, who worries about how others see him.

As Oscar learns more about himself, he shows the readers how to own fear and what the impact of their reaction is. This story was inspired by Christina’s son through his journey of being bullied and struggling to feel like he belonged.
Dr Robert Fullerton reviewed the book and guided Christina to ensure this story will support personal growth in readers both young and old.


This is a human story. It is meant for children and adults.

A story of being alone and feeling sad is human. This book is Astra’s story of love and being loved. Astra finds her ability to use her voice and her sparkle to make a difference to others. She is like we are, looking to find our place and to be accepted, and she finds that her acceptance comes from the courage to be who she is. The courage to help others. The courage to be seen and heard. This story is also about the wonderful friends Astra finds who show her kindness and empathy. Maybe we can be kind to others and help them find their way too. Our beauty as humans is to know our worth, believe we are perfectly “imperfect” and be willing to share who we are with the world.

GROW ME - 12 Step Guide to Personal Growth and Success

I am so passionate about people living their best life, which, as I have realised, isn’t perfection, it’s a daily focus of being our best self today. I am living proof it works. I decided to write this guide to help support your personal growth, resilience, and help you live a more fulfilled and happy life.

Is growing “me” a quick fix? No way, it’s going to take effort and a desire to grow! In our work, I have seen many people heal, find focus, be more effective, build great partnership and be very successful. I am sharing these tips with you so that you can do the same in your life. Why share? If I can help make a difference to one person’s life a day, I am living my purpose.

The Glass Angel

How many of us feel broken and carry our pain and shame around with us? We use our scars as our weapons against others and we seldom heal. This is what the tale of the Glass Angel who toiled with huge adversity and was shattered. She finds incredible strength and perseveres with her brokenness until she meets a wise oracle with a peaceful nature who allows her to feel safe allowing her to slowly put down her armour and show her pain and vulnerability.

This is a tale of forgiveness, love, acceptance and above all courage which everyone can relate to.