Who we are

Christina Foxwell

CEO & Founder
Christina started this practice with a passion for making a difference in people’s lives and helping organisations unlock success! Through her work, she has not only made a difference, but she has also unlocked her own growth and transformation. She has authored books, speaks in media about people and performance challenges, works with executive teams to shift culture transformation and has started equipping aligned team members around the globe to be change agents for Better Together! She is kind, fierce, peaceful, focused, and mostly HUMAN. She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend and is learning more daily about harnessing connecting in her world. 

John Foxwell

CFO and Business Partner
John is the backbone of the business and the master of all things finance and compliance. He is dedicated to our success and holds finance and business operations to high standards so that we can get on with making the difference we are passionate about. He is a true business partner.

Tami Olivera

Chief Operating Officer

With over two decades of experience in Learning and Organisational Development, Tami has held diverse leadership positions across her professional journey. She has seamlessly transitioned through roles in Training and Organisational Development, Account Management, Communications, and Business Operations. Her career has encompassed roles in the banking, financial services, FinTech, telecommunications, and HR Business Consulting industries.

Tami excels in strategic planning. She skillfully translates visionary ideas into tangible and measurable goals, leveraging advanced learning and communication techniques. She is equally at ease both leading teams and actively participating in the work.

Tami thrives on effecting positive change and guiding individuals to discover their purpose. She values the potential of human talent, recognising it as the core of any business. While significantly contributing to overall profitability is always top-of-mind for Tami, individual growth and progress will always be at the heart of everything she does.

Chrissy Cordingley

Managing Director Canada
Chrissy is the founder of Ignite Purpose Canada. Her professional career began in health and safety, where she helped many organizations shift from bare minimum thinking to creating recognition-worthy, award-winning people programs. Over the last decade, she has transitioned to the role of professional leadership coaching with a focus on people-centred transformation. She believes we must focus on our own growth before we can influence others effectively and leads by example through sharing her most vulnerable experiences with honest, engaging, and amusing storytelling. Chrissy is also a successful podcast and streaming television show host.

Paul Taljaard

Joint Managing Director UK
Paul is the founder of Ignite Purpose UK and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in banking, healthcare, leadership and organisational growth. Paul is a certified coach, has led a large care home, worked with government stakeholders to lobby for support, led a highly successful sales team, and recently completed his MBA at Bath university. Paul loves people and has the ability to really see others, connect deeply and find solutions that will support growth and performance. Paul is part of the Global Leadership team and will spearhead our work in the United Kingdom to help people be better together.

Jacqueline Goodwin

Joint Managing Director UK
Jacqueline believes passionately that people have within them a huge potential for achieving success in both business and personal situations and that it is a privilege to help them unlock that. Her coaching philosophy is both person centred and pragmatic. She believes that the relationship within the coaching space is key, and she places high importance on bringing authenticity and empathy to those she works with. In addition to 1-2-1 coaching, mentoring and fostering a flourishing business, She has created bespoke training programmes for centres around the UK. Delivering “Being Human” training allows clients to develop and hold professional boundaries, improves team coherence and fosters personal accountability while loving their roles. She holds a Foundation Degree in Person Centred Counselling, is an Accredited Barefoot Coach focusing on Professional, Business and Personal Coaching and is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Foundation). Alongside these accreditations, She is a PQ® Coach who works with clients to improve their Mental Fitness, reduce stress, strengthen relationships and support people to live intentionally. By giving people a ‘damn good listening to’, She ensures that leaders, teams, and individuals move forward, making clear, laser focussed decisions with every action aligned with their goals and values.

Louie Ludick

Country Manager, Ignite Purpose South Africa

Louie has more than 16 years experience in skills training and performance coaching. His passion for people, the development of individuals and teams is reflected in the positive impact he has had in the organisations he has worked with in the financial services, freight forwarding, IT and technology sectors as well as retail and hospitality.

He has a broad knowledge of current issues affecting businesses and his experience and expertise supports solutions to improve individual and organisational performance.

Karen Littlejohn

Recruitment Solutions Executive - Medical & Government

Karen’s professional career began as a theatre nurse more than 25 years ago and for the last 15 years she has worked with not-for-profit organisations advocating for better health care outcomes in rural, regional and remote areas.

She has extensive knowledge of regional and remote communities, issues and opportunities within Australia. She is acknowledged for endeavouring to create a respectful and sustainable social, economic and cultural future for those communities.

With a strong commitment to valuing and respecting the knowledge and understanding of local people when identifying and resolving local issues and supporting the future of their communities she has long been an advocate for the incorporating the wisdom of community into decision making.

She is a promoter and leader of initiatives to “close the gap” for Indigenous Australians and a strong advocate for actions which enable cultural understanding to influence positive social, cultural and economic outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Karen is involved in charities and philanthropic organisations supporting better social and cultural outcomes for people in all communities. She holds a Master of Business Administration and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Susan Anderson

Director Organisational Growth & Performance

Susan has a passion for promoting life long learning and empowering others to be the best prison they can be.

Her passion has manifested over the last 25 years as an international teacher and education leader. She has worked and lived amongst many different cultures across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Her experience includes starting up schools, leading school teams and working with an international accreditation body to support schools on their journey to continuous improvement. Susan has an MA in International Educational Leadership.

She knows she is very blessed to be a wife, daughter and sister. She has not had the blessing to be a mother but is extremely grateful for the number of children, families and teachers she has been able to connect with and been able to make a difference in their lives.

Tara Bria

Associate Director, Leadership Growth & Cultural Transformation

Tara brings a rich and diverse background, driven by her insatiable curiosity about people and her passion for marketing. Her journey has evolved into a profound commitment to personal growth and transformation, making her the perfect fit for Ignite Purpose’s mission.

Tara’s primary focus in her new role is to help South Australian businesses become the best they can be. Drawing from her extensive experience and keen insights into organisational cultures, she is dedicated to fostering self-awareness, nurturing empathy, and creating environments where individuals and teams can thrive.

In this endeavour, Tara is working closely with the Ignite Purpose team to bring their unique, very personal brand of leadership development and cultural transformation to new heights.

Bill Carson

Director Psychosocial Risk Management

Bill Carson is a dynamic workshop facilitator and specialises in helping companies to implement workplace wellbeing, resilience and mental health, through training, awareness, strategy, resources, surveys and programs.

He assists companies to implement the Psychosocial guidelines and how to handle workplace mental health issues, policies and harassment.

Bill’s professional experience and expertise has been with industries from Manufacturing, Professional Services, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, and Tertiary.
Bill’s clients really like that he is easy to work with, and makes implementing workplace wellbeing, resilience and mental health safety a seamless and gratifying experience.

Bill brings the added experience of being a Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter Volunteer from which he is able to relate real-life situations.

Bill has over 20 years experience and expertise in personal and professional development in Wellbeing, Resilience, Leadership, Sales, Negotiations, and Service, including facilitation and coaching across a wide range of industries.

Please connect with Bill on https://www.inspirelearning.com.au/
or LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/bill-carson-4a645618/

“Bill was a fantastic course leader. He was incredibly personable and made us feel comfortable throughout. He was very educational and I took away much that I can share with my team. I would highly recommend Bill in the future.” Nick, Senior Leader, Government Department.

“Bill was so great, had a ball learning, and his skills of teaching were second to none. He was very engaging and made the learning easy and not go on and on, and he made sure we understood by engaging with each person and was a pleasure to be in the training with him. A very educated but full of empathy human being and a real stand out – I have not seen for a long time in a trainer. Thank you” Melissa, Manager, Technical Equipment.

Kerri-Leigh Manning

Leadership Growth & Cultural Transformation

Believing in the power of self-discovery, Kerri-Leigh is dedicated to holding space for clients to recognize that the answers to their questions reside within themselves. By fostering this awareness, Kerri-Leigh encourages her clients to seek out and take ownership of their unconscious beliefs, which may have created patterns of survival from past struggles.

Through this process, Kerri-Leigh empowers clients to repattern and replace these limiting beliefs with new, empowering patterns that drive positive and complementary behaviours. With this understanding “the greatest potential lies within”, Kerri-Leigh’s passion drives her in supporting and coaching clients to develop their strengths and address their weaknesses, ultimately delivering behaviours which maximise performance.

Kerri-Leigh is an experienced coaching professional with over 20 years of expertise in Sales and Service training within the banking sector. In addition to her extensive knowledge of banking, retail services, sales cycles, and commercial success, she possesses a deep curiosity about human behaviour. This curiosity has led Kerri-Leigh to explore organisational psychology and coaching principles, utilising NLP communication and processes. By applying these principles, Kerri-Leigh optimises client engagement and enhances performance among colleagues. With her expertise and dedication to personal and professional growth, she can deliver measurable results for your business and help you unlock your full potential.

Kerri-Leigh brings a unique set of skills, including an intuitive sixth sense; she holds qualifications and experience in Leadership, Sales Mastery, Metaphysics, Neuro Linguistic Programming (Trainers level), Organisational Psychology, Process Improvement, and Project Management.

Therasa Jazowy

Content & Communications Manager

Therasa has a passion for entrepreneurship, finding creative solutions and building strong relationships with stakeholders, including clients, partners, and colleagues. She is known for her strategic thinking, attention to detail, and ability to deliver results. Therasa has worked in legal, media, creative and wellbeing industries and is experienced in business development, PR, content management and events.

Therasa is also a natural leader and mentor. She has managed cross-functional teams, providing guidance and support to help team members reach their full potential.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Therasa is also committed to giving back to her community volunteering with non-profit and local sports organisations.

Carolees An

HR Manager and Senior Consultant
Carolees An has been a part of this practice for over a decade. She has worked alongside Christina to deliver large change programs and is our expert behavioural consultant. She is also a PQ/ Performance coach, facilitator, assessment creator, and designer. Her passion is to make a difference in people’s lives. She is wise, clear and deeply honest in her coaching approach. She is a wife, mother, daughter and sister.

Anel Jacobs

Operations Lead & Ambassador South Africa
Anel has been a valued team member at Ignite Purpose for almost three years. She has been a key team member in building our brand and client success. Anel’s role is Operations Lead. She is the backbone of our team and works on program setup, client information, operational support and team and project success. She is incredibly passionate about self growth and loves the work she does to make a difference! Anel was our first off-shore team member and has been the first of many that will support our work around the world. Additionally, she is our Ambassador in South Africa, where we hope to continue supporting people with growth, insight and opportunities.

Joshua Foxwell

Performance Consultant
Joshua Foxwell has been a part of the business for the last two years. He is now working alongside Snr team members in building performance programs. Joshua is passionate about understanding opportunities for growth in client organisations and setting the team and outcomes up for success. 

Sarah Gastardo

Business Growth Coordinator

Sarah is based in the Philippines and is incredibly hard-working and passionate about our work. She is part of the backbone of our success and works with our founder and growth team to create strategies to engage our customers and provide content to support growth. 

Lindy Van Camp

Director Growth and Performance

Lindy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in her role at Ignite Purpose. She has consulted and led in the performance and growth space for various international consulting organisations throughout her career. She has also led her own medical practices and can craft solutions to suit different organisations creatively. Lindy is curious and creative, passionate about people and organisation growth. Lindy is a mother, daughter and friend who brings joy and kindness!