Engagement vs disengagement

Passion – the fuel for high performance

In a high-performance culture, we need to be fully engaged, skilled and loving every day. We can then achieve outstanding results. Intense focus and the feeling of fulfilment can become a reality.

Easier said than done. I coach so many leaders and people in organisations where there is little love for the everyday grind. It is a challenge to get through the tasks that would lead to meeting their KPIs and measures of success.

This is more common than you might think and leads to feelings of frustration, poor engagement and poor results. The grind is getting paid for our expertise but not loving what we do. Therefore, we don’t appreciate every day. Can we find the love for our job to be highly effective every day?

Yes, we can. It takes courage to learn how to love what you do every day and make a difference.

If you want high performance and a passionate team to spearhead success, be a firelighter with your people. Set the tone for a high-performance culture. Identify the skills, strengths and passion you need in your business to deliver high performance. Consider the people you have. Note their strengths, talents and gifts that will align to your business needs.

As a leader, here are a few things to consider:

1. Place the right people in the right roles.

Allow them to fly and permit growth. Don’t set someone up to fail.

2. Remember they are not you.

Don’t compare them with how you would execute the role. This can lead to judgement, which can lead to disconnection and dissatisfaction.

3. Be clear on your measures of success and the pathway to results.

The result is critical but won’t happen right away, so have achievable milestones in place. Remember to celebrate the small wins.

4. Engage your people’s strengths.

Allow them to see the positive effect on others when they use their strengths. They will feel a real sense of purpose and fulfilment.

5. Engage your team.

Measure your impact as a leader, challenge yourself and build an environment that is safe. Build fellowship. Encourage others to follow your vision.

6. Be a firelighter for passion.

When your people have passion, results will be realised and more will be achieved.


As a team member, here are a few things to consider:

Be clear about your strengths, abilities and why you do what you do. You will be able to live your days to the full. You will feel a real love and fulfilment in what you do every day.

1. John Maxwell

Speaks about passion in his book Talent is never enough. The gift of fulfilment comes to those who know their strengths. And from this knowledge comes passion, which creates unbelievable energy and focus. Results will follow.

2. Acknowledge your state daily and practise reflection.

A negative state of mind can often cause us to feel overwhelmed or not in control. When this happens, we immobilise our strengths and focus on our own results instead of what we can achieve for others. Our impact on others can be brittle and laced with self-preservation.

3. Be part of working in a tribe that is safe and focused.

This is possibly one of the most important elements to help you succeed. You can make a difference in your team. Choose to be positive, focused and kind to others. Give feedback instead of judging and gossiping about team members and your leader. Share your perspective with positive intent.

4. Be courageous, challenge yourself to grow and be more.

This will not always be easy but it is needed to be effective in a high-performance culture.

5. Give honest feedback to your leader and your team.

Blaming is not feedback. Blame is your fear, pain and discomfort. You will never be effective when you blame and you’ll always be a victim. Gain perception and consider ways to solve challenges.

6. Why not be a firelighter.

Of high performance and passion in your team.

Loving what you do is possible. I am one of the lucky ones as I work every day using my strengths to help others achieve results. From this I feel a sense of fulfilment and the results of my business are the “fruit of my passion”.

Why wait? Be highly successful. Start working on yourself with your team. The choice starts here. Choose today to make a difference. Live high performance. Love what you do!

REFERENCE: Maxwell, J. 2007, Talent is never enough, Thomas Nelson Publishers, United States

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