About us

Ignite Purpose was founded by Christina Foxwell in 2012, a business leader who felt there was a need to approach training and coaching from a new perspective. Christina recognised how people were central to the success of every organisation and, with a view to improve people and business performance, she set out to encourage employees to realise their potential.


Christina has built a proficient and enthusiastic team who are committed to motivating and empowering people within organisations. What keeps us going is hearing success stories from the people who have grown and subsequently impacted positively on their team. The changes we make in an organisation’s performance is a key ingredient for success in today’s global marketplace.


Ignite Purpose is based in Sydney, but can provide services throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

How we do it

Ignite Purpose uses a variety of tools to help your company. In order to shift and lift performance we look at team alignment, executive coaching, leadership development and simulations. Our highly skilled consultants work with you to plan, guide and manage your people and the organisation, to reach their desired outcomes.


It starts with a conversation. We will tailor a program once we understand your performance requirements and the dynamics of your team. A series of tools and processes are then used to shape your program and create an experience that delivers results.


We remain active in the process to guide you and your business towards vision and growth. This helps your people reach the goals they want. Key success measures ensure sustainable culturing-forming outcomes and, following our sessions, participants will be confident, productive and deliver business results they believe in.

Our team

 Christina Foxwell

Managing Director

Christina is the founder of Ignite Purpose and helps organisations and individuals realise their potential. She conducts the coaching and team sessions that help build trust and alignment in teams.

Carolees Jacobs


Carolees is driven to help teams work together. She is DISC accredited and has expertise in the behavioural profiling field of consulting. She enjoys facilitating our global simulations across a wide range of organisations. She is very motivated to help our clients to achieve successful results and drive high performance.

Noleen Lance

Communications Manager

Noleen looks after all things visual at Ignite Purpose. This includes the design and art direction of all our branded material, course outlines, website updates, monthly eDMs and marketing materials.

Robert Fullerton, Phd

Senior Associate Consultant

Senior Associate Consultant Robert has a Dual PhD in Clinical and Organisational Psychology and over 10 years experience working with clients in a range of professional settings across Australia and the United States. Robert specialises in helping clients develop personal and professional insights to enhance their performance and quality of life. He is committed to providing a warm and secure space for clients to speak freely, and supports clients with compassion and empathy.

Glen Charge

Senior Associate Consultant

Glen is an expert in managing teams and organisations. Heading up the Australia and New Zealand business for a Global organisation, he mastered the art of coaching teams and leaders to reach High Performance. Glen enjoys delivering team sessions to enable people to align in their businesses.

Sheryll Pedroja

Associate Consultant

Sheryll has over 30 years of experience in training and one-on-one coaching & mentoring. She is passionate about delivering team sessions that empower and enable people to succeed in life. Years of leadership have provided Sheryll with opportunities to work with diverse groups of people across a wide range of industry. Sheryll mentors from a place of empathy and based on previous experience in the health and leisure space she has expertise in behavioural management, communication and stress management.

Andrew Whelan

Associate Senior Consultant

Andrew is one of Ignite Purposes trusted partners. His 20years experience in Legal & Financial services has enabled him to consult and facilitate across all facets of the organisation. Andrew’s work with leadership teams and sales professionals in some of Australia’s largest organisations has delivered results, successful change, innovation and business improvement.

Gabrielle Aranka

Mindfulness Practitioner

Gabi is a mindfulness meditation practitioner who has facilitated corporate and individual courses since 2013. She is passionate about working with people and leading them through the journey of meditation and how it can be used to assist in both a corporate and personal environment.



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