Is your team or organisation REACHing for high performance?

Why not complete our quick assessment and get a benchmark on where you team fit and possible solutions you could consider that will help shift you into REACHing higher performance.

This survey is based on REACHing High Performance. REACH stands for the key areas needed to achieve High Performing Teams, Cultures and Organisations.


Note : Assessment will not be submitted is there are unanswered questions.

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1.There is confidence in the Leadership of our Company/ Team *
2.Leadership demonstrate people are important in achieving Company/ Team success *
3.Leadership have communicated a vision that motivates and inspires *
4.Leadership walk the talk and do what they say they will do *
5.Leadership take full accountability for their impact and actions *
6.I feel I can contribute to the success of the Company/ Team using my skills and talents *
7.I have great relationships with my leader and with the team *
8.I would recommend people I know to apply for roles in the Company/ Team *
9.I have meaningful work that inspires me *
10.I trust my managers and team members *
11.I am clear on what success looks like in my role *
12.I have open and honest conversations with my leader both on my success and on my improvement areas *
13.I have clear personal and team goals *
14.We (Our team) understand how to be accountable and take accountability for our work *
15.I understand how my goals will achieve team and organisational goals and actively measure my results to these *
16.The communication in the Company/ Team is not fear based *
17.We have a feedback culture where discomfort and honesty are embraced *
18.There is regular communication around how we are performing and what is needed from us to achieve together *
19.Our Company/ team work in an environment without public humiliation *
20.We are encouraged to present/discuss new ideas and solutions on how we can be successful together *
21.Our Culture is one of High Performance where we are reaching for success together *
22.I feel empowered to reach my full potential *
23.We are encouraged to operate outside our comfort zone (try new things, learn new things and fail to try again *
24.We are coached and supported to achieve a High-Performance outcome *
25.We have an accountability culture where ownership and solution mindset are recognised as critical success elements to high performance. *



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