The Story of Astra the Unicorn Finding Her Belonging

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This is a human story. It is meant for children and adults. A story of being alone and feeling sad is human.

This book is Astra’s story of love and being loved. Astra finds her ability to use her voice and her sparkle to make a difference to others. She is like we are, looking to find our place and to be accepted, and she finds that her acceptance comes from the courage to be who she is. The courage to help others.
The courage to be seen and heard. This story is also about the wonderful friends Astra finds who show her kindness and empathy. Maybe we can be kind to others and help them find their way too.

Our beauty as humans is to know our worth, believe we are perfectly ‘imperfect’ and be willing to share who we are with the world.

The story of Astra the Unicorn finding her belonging. 44 pg paperback  21cm (w) x 15.5cm (h) 

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