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An elegant hourglass sand timer which measures 5 minutes from the start of each turn. Our lives are so busy and frantic; we are always forgetting to make time for what really matters. To make sure our priorities are well set, we’ve created a finely crafted glass sand timer to remind us to carve out 5 minutes a day for what truly counts. That isn’t very long, and that’s the point: it’s longer than we often give to so many of the things we think of as so important. The 5-minute timer doesn’t tell you what exactly to do with its allotted time. It just demarcates a very modest and manageable period Give yourself 5 minutes to quietly reflect or just be….

Glass timer – 12.5cm (h) x 5.cm (d) | box 15cm (h) height x 7.3cm (w) x 7.3cm (d)

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