2016 – 2020 Unlocking Me...

The last five years of my life have been scary, unpredictable, amazing, challenging, and it’s held the greatest moments of growth and freedom.

Imagine facing the fears that keep you locked into your armour? Realising that you can really live your purpose once you are willing to dive deeply into your own growth and dare I say healing.

During this period, I have learnt how to be me. The me I have always had inside yet had struggled to show. The choice to work on my character, my healing, my thinking and my choices has been a breakthrough. I have reshaped in my mind what success is; I am grateful every day, I am not finished with the journey of unlocking me, and I am determined to stay on track.

I have become a granny in the last five years, seen my beautiful daughter get married, lost my dad, navigated COVID-19 with my amazing family and business partner John. I have surrounded myself with a group of people who work with me to make a difference. Noleen, Anel, Josh, Carolees and John I am grateful for you.