1976 – 1980 Belonging…

During these years, I had so many defining moments. My youngest brother was born, we relocated to a new town, my older brother and I continued to be like twins, singing, playing and laughing. My brothers all have fair completions. I was most definitely different and during this time I realised it, what I didn’t see was how much I looked like my dad.

BELONGING and the search for where I “fit” became more evident during my life. It was a time in my life where I experienced SHAME from being taken advantage of. I also started navigating my need to be accepted. I look back on my childhood and am grateful for parents who did their best. That nothing in my life happened without purpose.

My favourite games were playing in the mud with cars and my Smurfs. I loved the story of HEIDI. I loved playing “Pilot” with my brother in front of my parent’s old fashioned radio and side-board. Good memories that warm my heart.