Team & leadership coaching

Team and leadership coaching programs provide team members and leaders with a foundation to coaching in a safe environment. Coaching is key to personal growth as well as supporting strategy and alignment in organisations. We use behaviour profiling and /or 360 degree assessments to support the coaching activities that allow you to understand yourself and how to best engage with other team members. A common and positive outcome is then achievable. These tools measure not only how people prefer to behave, but assess workplace motivators and why people do what they do. They allow insight into team dynamics and strengths.


Coaching sessions enable you to consider new ways to drive performance outcomes, reduce conflict and learn how to work with others more effectively. By being a purpose-filled leader or team player, engagement and performance will follow.


Assignments vary depending on client requirements. Each session ranges from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. To support the coaching activities, we use behaviour profiling and/or 360 degree assessments.

Target audience

People across all organisations


This program allows people to identify and understand their own way of thinking, their behaviours and the impact they have on others. By building communication and engagement strategies, individuals can learn to be more effective leaders. They learn how to reduce conflict and as a result, build business and people strategies to drive improved performance.

Support your team and leaders to develop strategies and skills to challenge behaviour attitudes. Allow them to understand their impact on others. Let us assess your requirements and propose a solution.

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