Our sales model is based on creating value and rapport in a team. Our unique sales approach is called the value continuum and it challenges various stages of value and impact in the customer and buyers’ world.


To be effective at sales the individual needs to understand their strengths, styles and motivators. Our model challenges the sales professional to take ownership of the impact they have on their customer and to create trust and value.


Our solutions are customised to support learning in context. We create experiences and frameworks that are interactive, best practice and practical to use.


Assignments vary depending on client requirements. Whether it be simulations, coaching, interactive case studies, role plays, training sessions or a combination of these; we fully customise and tailor content to suit your organisation’s models and current practices. Therefore they can range from 2 days to 12 months.

Target audience

Sales leaders, coaches, managers
Sales professionals in a B2B environment
Customised for enterprise sales teams or SME teams


Your people will walk away from our programs with a clear lift in their ability to have more effective sales conversations. They will take ownership of their sales activities and pipeline that delivers their number. Sales leaders will understand how to help sales people engage an operating rhythm that aligns to the success of the role.

Measurement of success will be clear and focused sales practices will be embraced. Our approach also builds sales coaching principles for sales leaders. Your sales leaders will be challenged on their current operating rhythm. They will learn to understand and value personal credibility, practise having coaching conversations, build coaching plans with their sales team and build a prospecting plan.

Support your sales team to develop strategies and skills to set them up for success. Increase your sales success and build a strategic plan for the next 12 months. Let us assess your requirements and propose a solution.

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