Leadership development

Leadership development programs are highly interactive. They involve simulations, reflection journals, coaching, workshops, case studies, best practice leadership modules, tools and role plays. Leaders are central to the team and we will challenge your leader’s ability to drive performance through people. Our leadership programs focus on:


  • leadership principles that engage the team
  • time & priority leadership
  • decision making and business impact
  • building high performance teams
  • courageous conversations
  • coaching for performance
  • building an accountability culture

Simulations include Silega Pulse™, which is a highly customised and powerful board game. Participants represent different business’ and they will learn how to handle money flow and how it creates value in a business. They create insights in how they can positively impact their organisation’s performance and work across divisions to impact profit and growth. Participants feel empowered to leave the session and be a change agent in the organisation by taking ownership and accountability for their impact.


Silega Expedition™ is a business simulation where participants climb Mount Everest to win cash prizes. As a team, they must make decisions on how to work together, how to utilise their strengths, which route to take, what equipment to use and what risks to accept. Alignment and strategy play a key role in this program. It also challenges mind-set, purpose and the ability to achieve results by leading.


We also offer behaviour profiling, DISC and motivators as well as 360 Assessments. These tools allow us to understand how your team works and how individuals contribute to the team and business. They measure not only how people prefer to behave, but assess workplace motivators and why people do what they do. Help align expectations and behaviours in a team by gaining an insight into team dynamics and strengths.


Other topics included in leadership development include how to lead a meaningful meeting, educating leaders on handling change and lessons in time management. Leaders will leave with an action plan for their people, peers and stakeholders.


Assignments vary depending on client requirements. Sessions from a minimum of 4 hours to a full day. *Fully designed leadership programs are delivered between 6 and12 months. Simulations run from half a day to a full day. To support the coaching activities, we use behaviour profiling and 360 degree assessments.

Target audience

First time managers, middle managers, senior managers, potential leaders


Leaders will gain insight into leading their people to deliver performance. They will be challenged to develop their mind-set, skills and authenticity. Leaders will take a new approach to their people and consider ways to balance management and leadership to engage not only the mind but also the heart. They will have practical tools and frameworks to use with their people.

Leaders will be able to take the key leadership models and share these with their teams and will in turn create a common language of leadership within their team and business, whereby the learning integrates into tangible results. Lastly, leaders will experience the confidence to lead their people, align with their stakeholders and deliver business outcomes.

Support your leaders to develop strategies and skills to become the best version of themselves and grow you people and impact your business performance. Let us assess your requirements and propose a solution.

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