Executive coaching

More and more executives are using this form of development to help them become more effective senior leaders. Our programs challenge leaders to create a personal commitment to their team and prioritise key measures of success. Insights are given on how to own impact and communicate in a way that builds engagement and business outcomes.


The process is based on a minimum six-month assignment alongside robust coaching sessions that provide insights and learning for each executive. We ask the difficult questions that help leaders gain personal and business insight.


We also offer behaviour profiling, DISC and motivators. These tools allow us to understand strengths and opportunities of challenge or impact. They measure not only how people prefer to behave, but assess workplace motivators and why people do what they do. This tool helps align expectations and challenges the development of EQ and success with and through others.


Sessions are between 1 and 1.5 hours each with a commitment of 6 sessions. Face to face, online or over the phone. To support the coaching activities, we use behaviour profiling and/or 360 degree assessments

Target audience

CEO’s, senior managers and executives


This program will highlight the personal and professional impacts that executives have on others. Their weaknesses are challenged and skills developed to allow alignment with team members. Executives will learn strategies to reduce conflict and build business. Methods to drive performance in their people will be acquired.

Support your leaders to develop strategies and skills to challenge their mindset, behaviour and attitude. Allow them to understand their impact on others. Let us assess your requirements and propose a solution.

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