Business simulations

Our programs are tailored to support your requirements. We create experiences and frameworks that are interactive, best practice and, of course, fun! We align to your business values and culture to ensure results.


Simulations include Silega Pulse™, which is a highly customised and powerful board game. Participants represent different businesses and they will learn how to handle money flow and how it creates value in a business.


Silega Expedition™ is a business simulation in which participants climb Mount Everest to win cash prizes. As a team, they must make decisions on how to work together, how to utilise their strengths, which route to take, what equipment to use and what risks to accept.


Silega Commander™ is a business simulation that helps participants unlock the hidden potential of their organisation and achieve sustainable growth through managing the five types of wealth. The simulation is conducted in various rounds that represent business years.


Silega Cold War™ is a business simulation in which participants experience the most common obstacles to teamwork and inter-departmental alignment. During the six months simulation they deal with lack of trust, lack of alignment, ambitious goals, poor communication, conflicts caused by egos, and all the resulting negative impacts on organisational productivity.


Participants face challenges and are required to resolve problems and communicate effectively. Simulations teach participants how to create positive change in corporate culture, how to resolve problems and how to communicate effectively. They also illustrate how decisions and behaviours are often misunderstood by team members and how leaders need to maximise their influence.


Assignments vary depending on client requirements. Most simulations are 5 hours depending on the group size. There is an option of extended analysis and training which would take an additional 4 hours.

Target audience

People leaders, project managers, senior executives, business managers, functional heads


Simulations help your people learn and discover insights on practical business challenges in our world today. They uncover how they need to develop and grow to be successful. Their impact on simple competencies will create learning in a safe and fun environment.

Participants love the ability to be hands-on and in charge of their leaning experience. The most critical part of simulation learning is the debrief which is linked / aligned / customised to your world to help drive actions and insights that will be easy to take and create immediate impact and results.

Inspire your team to improve business planning and strategy and show them what they are capable of. Let us assess your requirements and propose a solution.

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