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We have worked with some of Australia’s leading brands in the private and public sectors. Our clients include Novartis, Newscorp, Baycorp, GSK, Quicksilver, Media Super, Sydney North Health Network, Rocket Fuel and Cushman Wakeman.

Here’s what some have to say:

Our aim was to get financial year results up and we identified that had to be done by improving sales from the local market. We looked internally and recognised we needed to deal with poor performers in our teams quickly and to recognise and reward the best performers better.


We engaged in leadership coaching by Ignite Purpose. Weekly training sessions on a variety of topics based on improving performance were run and we learnt how having a growth mind-set can help achieve results. Sustained performance was rewarded and we started to achieve significant improvement across all teams in a high-performance environment.


Our teams are now constantly learning and developing new skills and we are improving our performance and our high-performers are staying put. We have had significant culture change and have set ourselves up for success going forward and our 2018 financial year results are going to show that.


Kris Yule
General Manager of Sales – Metro
Newscorp Brisbane

We had major changes in our customer service department. We went from a team of 7 to 2 teams x 5 with the addition of 2 team members from other franchises. Knowledge, experience and personalities did cause some frustrations. We tried to work through these and could only see a dim light at the end of the tunnel.

With the help of Ignite Purpose, we participated in a customer service workshop designed for our team to address our specific challenges. The workshop helped us realise we were not working as a team, that people bring different attributes and that communication is a major key to success.

In our workshop, we created a customer services motto: ‘Together, we go the extra mile’. This has created a huge bright beaming light at the end of our tunnel. We have had positive comments from our customers and carriers. We’ve also had positive internal feedback with people taking notice of what other team members do within the team.

Michelle Caridi
I.A.M Team Leader
Effective Freight Management Pty Ltd

Ignite Purpose workshops are inspiring. The first one gave me the impetus to evaluate myself, behaviours and communication style. My team found it a fun and healthy way to speak, listen & interpret our traits. We identified that we all hear and react differently to situations.

Thank you, Ignite Purpose, for opening our eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. The knowledge you have given us is a great asset.

Louise Edwards
Team Leader Bailiff Administration

The team at Rock Fuel didn’t know what to expect, however collectively loved the outcomes. Sydney and Melbourne staff came together for our sessions which we really loved.

The content set by Ignite Purpose was customised to our needs and we learnt how to move out of our comfort zones. We focussed on challenger sales types which enabled us to set strategy and solidified the way forward for our sales teams.

We would most definitely engage with Ignite Purpose again in the future.

Mailee Creacy
Country Manager, Aust & NZ
Rocket Fuel

Ignite Purpose helped us build a framework for leading out teams towards the successful achievement of our strategic objectives and assisted us in defining the true purpose of our organisation, together with the development of our core values.

I would highly recommend Ignite Purpose to any organisation looking to align their business with a high performing and inspiriting business culture.

Steven Ballerini
General Manager
Quicksilver Logistics Australia Pty Ltd

I’ve done many, many training courses throughout my business life and most have just recycled the same material and rarely ever specifically tailored to our needs.

What you shared with us yesterday was different and refreshing. It’s been a long time since I had the need to poor over P and L reports so that in itself was great. The unique presentation made what is to most an uninteresting (although important) topic, an enjoyable learning experience. Till then  – own your world!

Tony Perez
Commercial Sales Representative
Polyflor Australia



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